What Is A Teeth-Healthy Diet?

Keeping a A Teeth-Healthy Diet
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At Renschler and Rhee Dentistry in Corona, CA we offer a wide range of dental services for your mouth but the best treatment for your teeth is to take daily preventative measures. Foods that are good for your teeth are usually good for your entire body. 

Why Is Staying Hydrated Important For Your Teeth?

Staying hydrated is vital for teeth health. It is the only beverage available that washes away food debris without leaving sugar particles behind. Water increases your saliva flow. Saliva plays an important role in your mouth. Saliva makes it easier to:

  • Swallow food

  • Digest food

  • Also cleans your teeth and gums of food and bacteria

The United States adds fluoride to its tap water. Fluoride naturally fights cavities by making the outer surface of your teeth more resistant to the acid attacks that eventually cause tooth decay. Keep in mind that bottled water is not the same as tap water. Many bottled water brands actually contain high acidic levels that will hurt your teeth so try choosing a brand with a PH between 7 and 9. 

What Kind Of Beverages Are Healthier For Your Teeth?

Wine, sugary drinks, and unnatural fruit juice are not teeth-friendly. They contain high levels of sugar which fuel the bacteria in your mouth that gradually leads to cavities and bad breath. Water and milk are the best choices for your teeth. However, if you want to try other beverages natural vegetables and coconut water with minimal sugar are teeth-friendly beverages. White and green tea may help fight cavities and gum inflammation because they contain fluoride and polyphenols, along with many other antioxidants.

If you are going to drink unfriendly beverages for your teeth such as alcohol and soda try drinking glasses of water in between to rinse your mouth. Depending on the drink, you can also try using a straw. These actions go a long way in protecting your teeth.

Why Are Vegetables And Fruit Better For Your Teeth Than Processed Sugar?

Many crunchy vegetables and fruits such as carrots and apples are good for teeth because they require excessive chewing which helps maintain the enamel clean. Firm veggies and fruits high in fiber contain a high level of water that allows your mouth to clean itself. They enhance the flow of saliva that helps get rid of food particles and bacteria stuck in your teeth.

These fruits and veggies are made of minerals and vitamins that are healthy for your mouth such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Vitamin D aids your body in absorbing the calcium that strengthens your teeth. Vitamin C also helps strengthen your gums and soft tissue in your mouth. Vitamin K helps block substances that break down your bone. 

How Does Drinking Milk Help Your Teeth?

Drinking two to four glasses of milk every day makes a big difference in your oral health. Milk is made up of multiple nutrients that protect your teeth. Milk has protein, phosphorus, and potassium, which help your teeth and the entire body. It makes your jaw bone stronger which can preserve your tooth structure and prevent dental decay. For children, milk is especially important. Minors need larger amounts of calcium and phosphorus for bone and teeth development. 

What Are Other Calcium-Rich Alternatives To Milk?

If you are lactose intolerant or simply do not enjoy drinking milk do not worry because you have a variety of options. Luckily calcium is found in other options besides milk including low-fat and low-sugar yogurt and cheese. These options also contain high levels of calcium while increasing your saliva production. Fish, like salmon or tuna, can help you meet your daily vitamin and calcium needs. For people that plant-based diet tofu, kale, turnips, and bok choy are great choices. 

If what you drink and eat has already affected your teeth and you are seeking dental care in Riverside County, consider Rentschler and Rhee in Corona, CA. The team at Rentschler and Rhee is glad to offer cosmetic and restorative services for their patients. Looking for a dental practice where you can build a lifelong relationship and are ready for world-class dental care? call Rentschler and Rhee today at 951-735-2608.