The Top 3 Causes Of Cavities

Tooth decay or cavities are one of the most common health problems worldwide. In fact, more than 90% of adults have experienced tooth decay. Tooth decay is an area of ​​permanent damage to the hard surface of the tooth that develops into tiny openings. They are especially common in children, teens, and older adults. But anyone with teeth can get cavities, including babies. Most oral health problems including cavities are largely preventable and treatable in their early stages. Certain bad habits, behaviors, and conditions may increase your chances of developing tooth decay. Below Renschler and Rhee Dentistry will explain the top 3 causes of cavities and treatments available to restore your dental health.

What Are 3 Surprising Circumstances That Can Increase The Risk Of Tooth Decay?

  • Grinding your teeth

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Receding gums (due to gum disease)

How Does Teeth Grinding Affect Your Oral Health?

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria with many different species of bacteria living in it. While some bacteria help you digest your food and are actually good for you, others are responsible for the development of cavities.

Your teeth are made of a strong outer layer that protects the softer inner layer. When you grind your teeth, nothing can protect the surface of your teeth from the enormous force your jaw exerts. When you grind your teeth, this force gradually wears away the enamel, thinning or even tearing it. This makes your teeth prone to cavities because your teeth have no protective shield against harmful bacteria that can potentially deteriorate your teeth. 

Misaligned Teeth Can Cause Dental Decay

Most people think of straight teeth as a purely cosmetic matter. While straight teeth create a beautiful smile, when it comes to orthodontics, straight teeth are usually healthier than crooked ones.

Misaligned teeth increase the risk of serious dental issues due to the accumulation of a high amount of plaque. The most common problem with overlapping teeth is difficulty flossing and removing harmful plaque. Some teeth overlap so much that it is almost impossible to floss between them. If you’re ready to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned smile, speak to your dentist. Renschler & Rhee has a variety of treatments that can help align your teeth such as Invisalign and smile makeovers. 

Receding Gums Impact Your Oral Health 

Whether caused by gum disease or excessive brushing, your gums can become swollen or damaged, exposing the roots of your teeth. Unlike the surface above the gum line, the root of the tooth is not protected by hard enamel but is covered by a softer material. This makes the root surfaces more prone to plaque and cavities. Ensuring good daily oral hygiene is especially important in cases of receding gums. Brush your teeth gently, paying special attention to the gum line and flossing daily. If you have severe gum disease, you may benefit from periodontal treatments. Don’t forget to make your regular appointments for professional cleanings and check-ups, and ask your dentist to determine if treatments for gum disease are right for you.

Treatments For Cavities  

If you are suffering from tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, or brown stains, you could have cavities in your mouth. In addition to good home oral hygiene and twice-yearly visits to the dentist for preventive purposes (including oral exams and cleanings), it is important to be aware of some of the hidden causes of tooth decay as outlined above. Being aware and knowledgeable can be an excellent preventative measure. 

With over 17 years of experience,  Renschler and Rhee Dentistry helps patients in Corona, CA and surrounding communities with root canals, fillings, all-on-four implants, and dental emergencies related to cavities. We also offer a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry to restore your mouth’s function. Dr. Rhee and our team are ready to help you so if you are interested in treatments for cavities or other dental issues, call our team today at 951-735-2608 to make an appointment.