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Dental impressions have long been among the least favorite parts of a dental visit. The process tended to be uncomfortable, messy, and generally unpleasant. The goop-filled trays rarely tasted good, and many patients found themselves gagging on them. However, they were an essential part of getting dentures and crowns. At Dentistry Done Right, this unpleasant process is now a thing of the past.

How Digital Impressions Are Improving Your Experience

Modern dentistry has introduced a new approach to creating these impressions. Known as ‘digital dental impressions, they can be created in moments without the need for unpleasant trays. This process is accomplished with a handheld device known as a scanning wand. Rather than using the goopy trays, reflective dust is applied to the surfaces of your teeth and gums.

The scanning wand is then passed over these areas to create a high-resolution image. The resulting image is far more accurate than those taken with the goopy material. Every nook and cranny of your dental surface will be captured and recorded into a 3D image. This image can be transferred to other professionals, downloaded and sent home with you, and easily viewed in stunning 3D detail. 

This means your impression is at the dental lab creating your crown or dentures in moments. This process avoids the risk of the impression being lost in transit, breaking, or otherwise causing delays in the full restoration of your smile.

The benefits of receiving digital impressions over traditional impressions include:

  • Less discomfort during the impression process
  • Reduced time spent at the dental office
  • No risk of the impression becoming lost in transit
  • Faster turnaround time from dental lab to permanent crown/denture.
  • High-precision imagery means results that closely match natural teeth.

Digital impressions also have the benefit of being better for all parties and the environment. Eliminating the goop used in creating traditional impressions has greatly reduced waste. The trays were also made of plastic, which wasn’t good for the environment and produced additional waste.

The introduction of this style of impression didn’t come with any additional cost. It goes a long way to reducing the overall cost of impressions. The most important part of this type of impression is the convenience, reliability, and accuracy they provide. They represent a leap forward in dental technology and ensure that the resulting crown or denture will fit comfortably.

Experience Digital Dental Impressions In Corona, CA

If you’re ready to experience the difference digital impressions can provide, reach out to our office today. We’ll schedule an appointment with Dr. Rhee to discuss your current oral health concerns. Digital impressions are quick, comfortable, and easy to receive. You’ll find yourself more satisfied with the results of your dental restoration treatments.