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Dental X-Rays are an essential component of the dental care experience. When visiting Dentistry Done Right for your twice-yearly exams, they’ll be a part of your visit. Cone Beam Computed Tomography, CBCT, is a new form of dental imaging used at our clinic. This device is used to produce high-quality images using numerous individual slices. By using CBCT, we can provide better diagnostic and treatment services than ever before.

The Benefit of CBCT Scanning At Dentistry Done Right

One issue that has always faced x-rays is the 2D nature of their results. Nothing in our body is two-dimensional, resulting in the x-ray being an imperfect way of viewing our oral structures. CBCT imaging is also more comfortable for the patient. The imaging process doesn’t involve uncomfortable bite plates or multiple positions and is faster overall.

CBCT scanning produces a fully rendered 3D image of the structures within our orofacial area. The CBCT device is a standing device with a swing arm. The swing arm takes the scan as it passes in front of the patient while they stand within the scanning area. Along its arc, hundreds of individual images are taken. Once it completes this pass, those images will be processed into a 3D representation of your oral structures.

CBCT Scans may be ordered for a number of reasons, including:

  • Orthodontic Concerns
  • Dental extractions
  • Dental Implant Treatment Planning
  • Cosmetic procedures including onlays, inlays, veneers, and crowns
  • Diagnosing TMJ-related concerns

The finalized 3D render of the orofacial area provides numerous advantages over regular dental x-rays. The first benefit is the reduced radiation required to produce the images. The high-detail resolution means that diagnosing oral health concerns is easier and more accurate. Further, it’s easier to develop a treatment plan thanks to the clarity of the images.

The ability to rotate these images and view them from any angle means Dr. Rhee can be confident in what they’re observing. Further, there’s no risk of losing the film. It can be transferred from location to location to other specialists and easily provided to the patient. If you should ever have to change dentists, it can be transferred over instantly.

Come See Us To Experience CBCT Imaging

CBCT scanning is quickly overtaking traditional dental imaging as the preferred tool of dentists like Dr. Rhee. Dental imaging continues to advance, and with it, processes like these will continue to improve. Presently, CBCT imaging is the pinnacle of the dental imaging process. The resulting 3D image can even be used to produce a physical model to aid in diagnosis when needed. Contact our offices to schedule your next visit, and be sure to ask about the CBCT device. We’ll be happy to review the process and let you know how it helps improve the dental experience at Dentistry Done Right. We look forward to seeing you at our offices in Corona, CA, soon!